Get started: Design your app

Uiflow's Design view is where you design your app's user interface. This view enables you to add and configure Design components to your application.
When creating an app from scratch, start by dragging components from the Libraries panel on the left to the Preview panel in the middle.
This example shows where to find the Text and Text Input components and how they appear once added to the Preview panel.
If you created an app from a template, the Preview panel comes populated with pre-configured template components. You can rearrange, remove, and add components as needed.
To configure components in your application, select them to open the Inspector panel on the right. This panel enables you to configure component:
  • Styles: Stylistic aspects of the component (e.g., size, color, padding)
  • States: Stateful aspects of the component (e.g., label, type, value)