Browser tools to debug a Freshworks app

Freshworks apps run in browsers, which collect and store log information from your apps. This means you can use your browser's console and network log features to troubleshoot bugs in your Freshworks apps.
For example, if an API call invoked by your app fails, Uiflow's logs may not help to find the cause. Browser developer tools enable you to run a post-mortem on the API request.
The following subsections provide information about using browser developer tools to debug apps:
For general debugging information, see Debug an app.

Console log

The browser's Console log displays a general log of information and errors produced by your app.
To view the logs from your app, open your browser's Developer Tools and select the Console tab. The console log displays similar levels of detail to those available in Uiflow's Log Details pane:
Since Freshworks apps load within Freshdesk, logs from Freshdesk will also appear in the browser's console logs.
The example below shows how to access the browser's console window by right-clicking directly in an app and selecting Inspect:

Network log

The browser's Network log displays all of the API requests invoked by an app:
API requests are only recorded after opening the browser's developer tools.
Click an individual request in the Network tab to display additional information about that request. The screenshot below, shows how you can inspect the request's headers, cookies, and other details from the respective subtabs to the right of the selected request:

Additional resources

If you need any additional help with the troubleshooting or development, contact: