Welcome to Uiflow!

An easy-to-use no-code platform for building enterprise apps.

What is Uiflow?

Uiflow is a powerful, intuitive, and collaborative drag-and-drop application development platform that enables you to build and deploy front-end applications for browsers and mobile devices without code.
Uiflow's logic components and data integrations enable you to build complex front-end logic with ease. Simply arrange components to your desired layout and use visual connectors to form clear cause-and-effect relationships between them.
The convenient editing tools enable you to copy, paste, and organize components. As you build your app, use the central preview panel to see your progress in real-time.
Uiflow believes everyone on an application team should be able to directly participate in the development process. Uiflow brings enterprise extensibility and consumer usability together to transform every company into a software company. This means:
  • Designers can create and update application designs and interactions.
  • Programmers can import code using Uiflow's CLI and focus on debugging and architectural problems.
  • Technically-minded team members can create and update applications, including business logic and dynamic interactions.
  • Content writers can change and update content without the need to access the codebase.
  • Product managers can easily review and test the workflow, monitor progress, and implement small changes without setting up the local development environment to test the application.
With Uiflow, code readability is no longer a barrier to application sharing. This means the whole team can stay on the same page and iterate quickly, regardless of technical background.
Welcome to Uiflow

What is Flowlang?

Uiflow's intuitive structure centers on Flowlang, a proprietary visual language created by Uiflow Co-founder Eric Rowell. Flowlang enables application developers to easily model application logic flows, including logical branching and data transformations, without writing code. Flowlang is a visual representation of the MVF (model view flow) software design pattern, which is a decentralized logic graph. Flowlang connects data and calls with interface nodes to build a "flow" of data between your application components.
Unlike most other visual languages, Flowlang is Turing Complete (it can be used to solve any computation problem), which makes it more similar to text-based computer languages. This means that any program you can write with code, you can also model in Flowlang.

How do I get started?

Create a free account! An account enables you to create as many projects as you like - no restrictions. To learn more about your subscription options, see Subscription tiers.
Sign up here and visit the Uiflow 101 tutorial to get started.