Uiflow 101 tutorial

Welcome to Uiflow 101, an introduction to building apps with Uiflow Studio. Uiflow's unique drag-and-drop interface enables you to:
  • Create and design apps with visual tools.
  • Connect to external data sources and integrations, like databases, APIs, Google Calendar, and Slack.
  • Build customized application logic to fit your application needs.
This tutorial is structured with:
  • Helpful video guides
  • Step-by-step written instructions
  • Tons of tips
Each of these tools will help you complete the following steps to build a fake cat adoption center application (all without using a single line of code!):
When you complete the tutorial, your cat adoption application will look similar to the following images:
Note: You can also see a live version of the completed application here.

Build with Uiflow

Uiflow is a powerful, intuitive, and collaborative drag-and-drop application development platform, that enables you to build and deploy front-end applications for browsers and mobile devices without code.
Uiflow's logic components and data integrations enable you to build complex front-end logic with ease. Simply arrange components in your desired layout and wire them to form clear cause-and-effect relationships.
In Uiflow, the development process is split between two main workspace views that enable you to:

Design view

The Design view enables you to build and configure your application's:
  • User interface
  • Layout
  • Style
This view incorporates tools that enable you to add and configure your application's Design components, the building blocks of your Uiflow application's UI.

Logic view

The Logic view enables you to add and wire your app's Logic components, so you can build and test your application logic and interactivity.
In this tutorial, your cat adoption website incorporates two logic flows that:
  1. 1.
    Connect links and buttons to navigate between pages.
  2. 2.
    Connect to a REST API to display information about each cat.