Navigation menus

This page provides an overview of Uiflow's workspaces, tools, and menu options:
  • Workspace views: Spaces where you build your application's design, external connections, and logic.
  • Top menu: Menu options at the top of the Studio screen.
  • Left sidebar menu: Menu options at the left of the Studio Screen.

Workspace views

Uiflow includes three workspace views that help divide the development process into manageable pieces:

Design view

The Design view enables you to build beautiful, pixel-perfect user interfaces for your apps. For more information, see the Design view page.

Connect tab (web projects only)

The Connect tab enables you to add external connections to your web projects via APIs. For more information, see the Connect tab page.

Logic view

The Logic view enables you to add interactivity to your app by building logic flows. For more information, see the Logic view page.

Top menu

The top menu bar provides access to key navigation and development tools in each workspace view. The menu is visually divided into two parts by the application name in the center:

Left-side top menu

This table contains a list of all available menu options on the left side of the top menu bar.
Menu option
Uiflow (logo)
Opens a Uiflow navigation drop-down menu.
Uiflow (logo) > My Workspace
Takes you to the Uiflow home screen.
Uiflow (logo) > Create a New Project
Creates a new app project.
Uiflow (logo) > Logout
Logs you out of Uiflow.
Opens the Design workspace.
Opens the Connect workspace.
Opens the Logic workspace.

Right-side top menu

This table contains a list of all available menu options on the right side of the top menu bar.
Menu option
Active user icon
Displays the initials of all active users. When clicked, takes you to the users location within the app.
Reverses changes to your app.
Recreates reversed changes to your app.
Custom Domain Settings
Opens the Custom Domains pop-up where you define the production domain for your app.
Previews your app in a new tab.
Opens the Publish to drop-down menu.
Publish > Development/Main
Selects the development environment.
Publish > Production
Selects the production environment.
Publish > Publish to Selected Environment(s)
Publishes your application to the environment(s) you selected.
The menu icons that appear in the left sidebar change depending on the workspace you select.
In the Design or Logic workspace, the following icons appear:
  • Plus icon: Opens the Libraries panel, which contains all available components and patterns for the selected workspace view. To learn more, see the Libraries panel page.
  • Layers icon: Opens the Explorer panel, which contains all Pages and Design Layers in your app. To learn more, see the Explorer panel page.
In the Connect tab, the left sidebar displays the following icons:
  • Block icon: Opens the Connections Catalog, which enables you to add, view, and configure external connections.
  • Shield icon: Opens an Authentication page, which enables you to configure an authentication provider for your app.
    Note: To learn more about the Connections Catalog and Authentication page, see Connect tab (web projects only).